outperform CONSULTING

A comprehensive health assessment giving unique key insights to what is holding your health and performance back. Interpreted through the lens of Bioenergetics, the Root Cause Protocol, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Provides detailed recommendations to address stress, as it relates to your symptoms and life. A nutrition and supplemental protocol is provided, including bioenergetic medicine to support your recovery.

understand the raw truth behind your ill health, and what your steps you need to take to address it

get the synergistic power of energy medicine, ancestral, functional foods and stress reduction

includes educational content, resources and text support for 30 days to implement the protocol

outperform BREAKOUT

Combine outperform CONSULTING with 30 Days of coaching support and transformational breathwork. Start with a deep dive into your world to understand, develop your goals and intentions. Your 30 day protocol will include 4 x Transformational Breathwork experiences, as well as other interventions depending on your circumstances.

all of outperform CONSULTING plus ...

experience a significant reduction in stress

experience less symptoms

expect better sleep, more energy, better moods,

expect your relationships to improve

expect your results in business and life to improve


outperform BREAKTHROUGH is the fast track, the laser focused approach to rapidly creating transformational results in your business and your life. We will target specific mental and emotional patterns that holding you back. It is combined with outperform BREAKOUT for maximum effectiveness in creating capacity for the next chapter of your life.

all of outperform BREAKOUT plus ...

deep 1 on 1 work to resolve for negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts in business and or life

set your goals using the latest in quantum timeline techniques to get energetic support for your

1 on 1 Coaching Support during Integration and execution phase

outperform BESPOKE

An extended 90 Day program design to transform every aspect of your life. Applying the outperform PROCESS to clear the way to create what you desire and to support you in executing your goals in each of the 5 areas of your lIfe Career, Relationships, Family, Personal Growth, Health & Fitness. The objective is to give your holistic body mind and soul the ultimate transformation for a life designed by you. You will be able to access all the tools, techniques, interventions and support that required to support you on this journey, of empowerment toward the life you seek. We are all in it together, in collaboration to reach your goals. The pre qualifications for this program are appropriately much higher than other programs offered by outperform lab, and will not be made widely available.

outperform CONSULTs ...

outperform BREAKTHROUGH...

outperform BREAKOUT...

mixed and matched as required

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