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Whats it like working with Ken?

"he introduced to me many new ways of improving my health and helping me deal with stress. Ken was very hands on and helped uncover ways of addressing health problems I have lived with for most of my life. I strongly recommend Ken. He has changed my life for the better"

David Hall

Managing Partner Allunga Advisory

"Ken has a deep understanding of his field. He’s a professional presenter, personable communicator and knowledgeable consultant. His comprehensive understanding of key issues is matched by an ability to simplify their communication"

Pete Percy

Executive Director KPI AI

"I've personally had the pleasure of working with Ken on more than one occasion. Ken is one of those rare characters that on one hand has incredible depth to his technical capabilities and on the other is able to translate complex issues into plain deliverable business value"

Matilda Ellis


Check out what clients say

"His mentality is very much about results achieved and value provided and he's now very much considered both a friend as well as business associate"

John Guest

CEO Vector 5

"I have not come across anyone who is more personable, experienced and knowledgeable than Ken

Alex Piroux

Founder Linkfluencer

“Ken is one of the very few people who is very knowledgeable about his field and who has as well excellent teaching skills. He is great at transmitting knowledge"

Matilda Ellis


Check out what clients say

“Ken's gift is his giving nature. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have been mentored by Ken will recognise the great value of his information and his counsel which greatly exceeds expectations. He is incisive, communicative, highly action focused and working with Ken is like a breath of fresh air - the experience is enjoyable and gets results. He understands business, he understands people and he greatly understands how to help businesses

Tony Hanley


"Ken is a wealth of information, insightful, and a clear communicator. I was very impressed with his ability to reach solid conclusions and to formulate a creative and considered strategic growth path. I would highly recommend his assistance. On top of that, he is a great guy"

Nick Austin

Founder Divvy

"Ken is very, very quick on the uptake, experienced, personable and thorough, looks for solutions outside the square"

Robyn Lewis

CEO Visit Vineyards

Check out what clients have written about working with Ken

“Ken is quite an astonishing individual and an absolute secret weapon for anyone who is savvy enough to seize an opportunity to tap his wealth of knowledge and experience. Motivation, focus and results have improved out of sight"

Tim Brady

CEO Freshly Baked Bakery

“"Ken puts things into perspective, and to help me understand how to tweak and optimise ... to achieve maximum performance. I would highly recommend Ken services for anyone who is wanting to be successful in business".

Micheal Wilkins

Director Evolve Digital

"Ken brings experience, insight and great clarity, pointing to the blind spots and soft spots of the self promoting entrepreneur"

Michael McCan

Principal Consultant - The Expert Group

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